This Is Disconcerting


Obama and the new template.

I have been arguing here that most of us in the U.S. are applying the old, traditional, and fatally wrong template, the calculus of the usual and the expected, of our past history, the calculus that just assumes a President’s good faith, respect for and adherence to Democracy and the Constitution to Obama and his presidency—and, by doing so, can make little sense of his startling and rapid actions–and that to really understand his actions, we need to apply a new template, one that, unfortunately for us, fits much better, the template of Tyranny, of Dictatorship and of Socialism, Fascism or Marxism for, if we do this, Obama’s actions then become all too understandable, and very ominous; a reality calling for a totally different response from us than usual.

That’s a frightening thought, but one I confess I have entertained from time to time. Along with many people I imagine, even the big-time bloggers and opinion journalists, who take great pains to give Obama the benefit of the doubt as he pulls our country towards socialism and perhaps worse. They play his actions off to incompetence or naivete or both and I hope they are correct.

But what if they are not.

It makes my stomach turn a bit.

Fortunately more and more Americans are recognizing him for what he is – a socialist – if not for his evil intent, if it exists at all. The poll numbers prove that.

But polls can change overnight and all he needs is one or two successes and we will be right back on track towards disaster.

We simply cannot let that happen.

So we must fight the good fight. Keep the pressure on your representatives. Email and call them. Attend what few public meetings they hold. Go to the Tea Parties and patriotically dissent. Vote in 2010 and 2012.

Make your voice heard.

Because whether he is just acting stupidly or acting evilly is of little matter if the result is the same.


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