Keep Up The Pressure


From Neo-neo.

I have a larger interest in another question, however: why can’t he get this done, considering what huge majorities he has in Congress? That question could be rendered moot of course (and my answers incorrect) if he ends up getting it done after all. But at the moment it looks as though a somewhat watered-down version of health care reform is all that will be passed.

The answer as to why it’s been so hard for Obama is one the Left don’t want to hear: America is not in favor of the solution they want, or the one Obama is offering. That may not matter to them—after all, they know better than stupid Americans, and we should be wanting what our intellectual and moral superiors on the Left think we should want. But it is certainly a fact that, despite the 2008 election results, America has still not turned sufficiently to the Left for most of these people.

Emphasis mine.

The fact is the vast majority of Americans are satisfied with our health care and recognize that almost any amount of government meddling, and certainly the vast overhaul that Barry and the Democrats are pushing now, will only make our lives miserable both in terms of poorer quality health care and in higher taxes.

We aren’t fools no matter what these elitist Democrats think.

Yes, health care needs some changes (doing away with the pre-existing conditions restriction for one), but a single payer government run health plan? Are you kidding me? That’s hell on Earth and we want to bring it to America?

Give me a break.

And concerning that single-payer government deal, Neo-neo also says.

I’ve not seen their reasons for this primacy of single payer specifically articulated; it’s just assumed and implied. But one motivation seems to be hatred of private insurance and the profits therein; it’s a form of greedy capitalism, after all, and must be expunged from our national shame. Another seems to be idealization of the European and Canadian approaches, and a desire to emulate those countries. But whatever the reasons may be, there is a fair amount of rage at Obama, as well as at Congress and the Senate in particular, about the possible compromises being hammered out that eliminate the public option.

That’s it in a nutshell. I doubt if many average American liberals really think single payer will be better than what we have now. They know this plan is bad.  But they are so emotionally invested in Obama that they just can’t openly oppose him without their heads exploding.  And even then according to the polls they aren’t for it, which shows just how bad it is.

And those liberals who do believe in a single payer plan are either rich elitists and know they can buy their health care with cash (Hollywood), or are already exempting themselves from the law (power-hungry Democrats in Congress), or are so simply brainwashed by anti-capitalism/pro-socialism hogwash (and residual Bush hatred ) that they just can’t or won’t see the truth.

So they keep on pushing these crap out of hypocrisy or ignorance or both.  Changes that won’t affect them or that they just don’t recognize or care about if they do.

Fortunately we can still stop them.  Congress is about to start its August recess and we NEED to keep up the heat.  Call your representatives.  E-mail them.  If they are holding town-meetings and events attend them.  Let them know how you feel about this and loudly.

Because if you don’t.  If they have an easy time during their little vacation, well, then, they’ll go back and pass whatever Nancy, Harry, and Barry want.

It’s your future.  Do something about it.



  1. So, what happens to me? And my husband. And my children? I hold the health insurance for our family.

    Go ahead…you can answer truthfully.

    • I meant to say that with some luck your husband and children will be able to get private health insurance or carry yours into retirement. That would be a reasonable health system if it is not that way already.

  2. I wish I had all the answers, Jana, but I don’t. I expect that a watered-down version will be passed for no other reason than the Democrats MUST hand their guy a victory. It will be some type of insurance reform that does away with the preexisting conditions exclusion and allows for portability for those who lose their insurance due to job loss, etc. Those are fixes that make sense. Of course they will be expensive and probably only be paid for by making it mandatory for everyone to buy insurance – even those who don’t need or want it – like in the 18 to 30 age group. They will pay far more into the system in premiums than they use in services so basically they will be paying for us baby-boomers.

    Fine with me.

    That said, and since you asked that I answer truthfully, I would be more worried about what a government single-payer system would NOT pay for. I doubt they will pay for treatment for illnesses that have a non-existent to low chance of improvement. Or for treatment for the elderly for major conditions when it might only prolong their life a few years. Rationing is a real thing and already happens in the so-called perfect single-payer systems in Britain, Germany, and Canada to name a few.

    Our health care system needs to be improved. But you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water and you don’t through out a mostly working system to try something that has been proven to be bad.

  3. I have links to both the entire bill and to an overview of a more recent version. I skimmed as much as I could take of the 10-page overview, before I threw up. There is so much in this thing that isn’t about eliminating pre-existing conditions, and the like. Here’s just one little tiny tidbit: The government will have access to every citizen’s personal and financial records. That’s you, me and the gate-post.

    This is truly not just about healthcare reform: It’s about the most extreme, socialistic government intrusion and access ever experienced or threatened in this nation’s history. If this stuff passes, you can forget about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and everything else we have so long taken for granted. Think I’m being hyperbolic? Check these out:

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