I’m Drinking So I Get To Post What I Want


And I want to post about Kristie McNichol. I fell in love with her when she stared in the TV show Family. She was in other stuff . . . mostly “After School Special”  kind of stuff and other TV shows . . . but that is where I recall her fondly as the cute girl next door I wanted so desperately to date even though I was a few years older than her.

I’m thinking she is the reason I am a brunette fan.

And she still looks pretty darn good.

Kristy McNichol-SGG-069120


  1. I liked her…not in the way that you did, but I liked her. I liked her acting, I liked her face. From the second photo, I would never recognize her, tho’!

  2. “Little Darlings.” Remember that movie? Armand Assante…was that chest hair or a sweater??

    • I think I recall the movie but I am sure I blocked out the chest hair.

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