Concerning The Whole Beer White House Beer Summit


Victor Hansen Davis at The Corner voices what I (and a lot of others) thought when I saw this picture.

By now, the public senses that the beer thing was simply insincere damage control (was gaffe-prone Joe Biden’s presence a gambit to provide “balance” at the table?) and that it will be followed by other racially teachable moments — but only if the polls dictate that Obama’s initial and more authentic editorializing continues to turn too many people off.

Emphasis mine.

Of course it was. How was it anything but?  Biden wasn’t involved in this whole controversy at all. Hell, he has plenty of his own issues without being dragged into this one.

So what exactly does Biden add to this conversation past his being white?


How sad our president thinks this way.


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  1. Everyone who believed candidate Obama’s promises to end the whole color/racial thing in America, raise your right hand. Nonono…the other right.

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