Hope Broken


1. Newest Obama bumper-sticker. I’m tempted to buy one except that I like the paint job on my cars.

2. “I know, most of you have already figured out why I oppose national health care. In a nutshell, I hate the poor and want them to die so that all my rich friends can use their bodies as mulch for their diamond ranches. But y’all keep asking, so here goes the longer explanation.” We use pea gravel as ground cover for our bushes, but if poor-people mulch is cheaper I surely would consider it.

3. Fourty-six percent of Americans more likely to buy a Ford because they didn’t take a government bailout. And they made a profit last quarter, too. We’ve always bought Fords, mostly . . . well, okay, only . . . because my father-in-law worked for a Ford dealer and we got a great deal every time. But now he’s retired and we switched to Honda. Still, if and when I buy American again it will be a Ford. Chrysler and GM can eat my shorts.

4. Congress to tax plastic surgery? Damn, and I so wanted that penis enlargement reduction.

5. Oh goodie, they are going to raise the minimum wage. That combined with our shitty economy will virtually insure your teenagers will be unable to find a job and therefore stealing money from your wallet every weekend.

6. Angry white men. Well, man. But he speaks for millions and not all of them are white. Or men.

7. The R Word. “R” as in Racist, that is. I’ve given this a lot of thought recently and at some point I am going to write about it in length.  Until then, link on over and give it some thought yourself.



  1. I heard Nancy Pelosi got an exemption on raising the minimum wage at some tuna plant or something – that she has an interest in. Of course that could be a rumor made up by some right wing extremist. But I’ll bet it’s based on some amount of truth.

  2. I did my student teaching in two different schools, in different semesters. In each one, the day came when I was called an R-word. The first time, I had been speaking to the class for several minutes, constantly distracted by whispering over in the right-rear corner. I’m ADD and have never been able to tune out irrelevant noise or activity, so my heard invariably turned to that corner. No one was ever talking, when I glanced back there, so I couldn’t do anything about it. The two girls I suspected were, respectively, white and black. The latter girl finally erupted, accusing me of being a racist, because I kept looking back there. I told her my head followed my ear, but she continued. I should have asked which race I was supposed to be targeting, but I was too intimidated.

    The second time, I was teaching a class of underachievers in a parochial high school. They felt honor-bound to disrupt the class, whenever they could, so I changed the seating chart, now and then. Not that it ever made any difference. Finally, the last time I changed it, I made the mistake of telling a boy who actually looked of mixed heritage to sit up front. Two guys–one of ’em white–spouted out that I was a racist, and I just about walked out.

    Yes, I had a great deal of difficullty with classroom discipline, the big reason I never taught in the lower grades. I do not handle chaos well, at all; generally, my brain shuts down, and I can’t think of what I need to do.

    Come to think of it, the same accusation was made at the community college, by a young minority girl who was totally unprepared for college. She could not form a coherent sentence, let along a paragraph, and I told her she really needed to drop my class and take the pre-college (remedial) class. She went to see a counselor of the same ethnic group; I was advised to go make friends with that counselor, and I did. Very reasonable, realistic woman.

  3. Geez. I didn’t realize I was writing a blog post on your blog! I’m sorry!!

    • No problem, Vicki, enjoy yourself.

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