The Three Things I Got From Obama’s Press Conference Last Night


1.  He either doesn’t have a clue what his Obamacare bill says or he is lying. I’m going with an ounce of the first and a ton of the second.

2.  He evidently hates doctors and must think they are only interested in scamming parents for money and not, you know, actually trying to help their kids get well.

3.  He evidently hates cops and appears to be no more post-racial than the average Black Panther or KKK member.

The whole thing was a big waste of time. For me. And for him. In fact, I am pretty sure this not only did not help his case but hurt it badly  Now the House and the Senate have to deal with pissed-off cops (and their powerful unions) calling in and doctors who were on the fence saying, “wtf jimmy?”

Is there any doubt this guy is a rank amateur?



  1. I honestly can’t decide if he is a rank amateur or just a liar and a thug. Did you hear about the letter(s) from four cabinet members to the Governor of AZ? They strongly suggested that she “rein in” our Senator Kyl, or lose federal funding. Chicago thugs? Not to mention a thorough lack of understanding how government works in a federacy? I haven’t heard, but I hope she gave them a civics lesson.

  2. I was on Twitter last night (I finally succumbed) and I thought I was going to have a brain bleed my blood pressure was so high! Being able to talk to bunches of people in real time about that moron and everything he was saying got me so riled up I may not do that again! Lord that man is an incredible liar. I still don’t get his point.

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