Cue The Twilight Zone Music

This is why I never attend any county commission or city council meetings. They are a magnet for crazies. The only question I have is why is this otherwise attractive brunette channeling a blonde?

Hat-tip to The Hostages.



  1. W-o-w!!!!! Like, I want some of that food and whatever she’s on.

  2. Has anyone here seen my pants?

  3. I meant skort. Has anyone seen my skort?

  4. TRO, I am a daily visitor, but I almost never comment (I think once or twice). No reason not to. I have always liked your irreverent site and Rosetta gave you a shout out so I thought it was time to say….

    “Your skort is right next to your halter top!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Thanks to both you and Rosetta. It means a LOT coming from anyone in the Hostage crowd and that’s a fact!! I only wish I had the talent you guys and gals have for snark and irreverence.

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