Car Dealer Kicks CNN Reporter’s Butt

This is priceless. Liberal reporters are just not used to their interviewees defying the stereotypes. In this case the stereotype of the ignorant Southern redneck she was no doubt expecting. Instead she got a articulate, smart Southern man who is more than capable of holding his own in a debate. At the end of it you can almost hear her sigh with relief.

It’s gonna leave a bruise let me tell ya.

This is the second such incident I’ve seen lately where reporters did not get the result they expected.  The first being this absolutely hilarious interview where another CNN reporter is visibly shocked to hear that everyone gets the same welcome that Obama got when visiting Africa, including our former President Bush.  Who, by the way, did more for Africa than any previous president.  They love him there.

Did you see his expression?  Again, priceless.



  1. My wife and I met Mark from Max Motors when we bought our car from them about a year and a half ago. He is a great guy, as you can probably tell from the interview. He is not only a great defender of America, he also stands behind the cars he sells. That’s a rarity in car dealers these days. All the KC area folks, I would recommend Max Motors without hesitation. If you visit them, ask Mark to see his ’67 Camaro convertible.

  2. If those two “reporters” were lawyers, they would be guilty of a rookie-lawyer’s goof-up: asking a question without already knowing the answer. They should’ve just said, “Yeesh! Sorry I asked!” and bowed out.

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