Just Some Things


1.  National Go Topless Day will soon be upon us. That would be very nice, except that rarely do the best tops participate.

2. Walter Cronkite died. Can’t we talk about something important like Michael Jackson kicking the bucket?

3. Speaking of dead people here are Ten Weird Ways We Deal With The Dead, the weirdest of which is the two or three week long love-fest the media engages in for celebrities.

3. World’s Fastest Everything. They left out Obama and the Dems who are the world’s fastest spenders.

4. And speaking of fastest spenders, here are the email addresses for your representatives. Take a moment and write them a short, concise and respectful note which lets them know they are out of their fricken minds for even thinking of passing this nationalized health care crap.

** I was gonna post a photo of a hot brunette, but then I decided this photo was cooler.



  1. I could have done without knowing how the decedent’s brain was “freed” from the skull!

    I used your link, thank you, to express my opinion on the Health Care Reform to both senators and two congresspeople, one of whom is a Democrat. I’m sure she will respond, sometime after the insanity is passed into law, to tell me what a good deal it is for all.

  2. Breasts don’t need bras, they have MY support!


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