Our Troops At War


Some great photos of our troops in Afghanistan. I rarely post photos of our troops here, mostly because I sort of feel unworthy what with me being an Air Force vet who served during the peace of the Cold War, but also because there are so many mil-blogs out there who are run by folks who are either on the ground or were pounding it recently and know so much more about it than I. Still, sometimes I just have to do it and it’s especially important this July 4th weekend since these guys and gals are, after all, responsible for the independence we are celebrating.

God bless them and bring them home safely soon.

Hat-tip to Maggie’s Farm.



  1. TRO: Thank you so much for posting those pics. As you know my son-in-law was KIA in the NUristan Province, Afghanistan, Asia. I have written about him and the aftermath extensively on my blog.

    Buddy received TWO Bronze Stars with Valor and a Purple heart. He saved two Afghan Nationals before being cut down with a single shot from a Taliban sniper.

    Adiditionally, shortly after Buddy’s death there was a FOB established near where he was killed. It is CAMP HUGHIE named in his honor.

    Thanks again.

    • I am both in awe and humbled by his service and sacrifice. I can only hope that I could have acted as courageously as he did. God bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you for these. The story they tell of the lives of our warriors really is humbling. I live in a hot climate and I complain about it, but they are there, wearing and carrying stuff that would drop me to the ground in no time, and they’re fighting for all of us. God have mercy on them, protect them all, and bring them home safely.

  3. no one can be a such dashing and daring to protect all of us .May Jesus hear our prayer to protect U and cover U with his Holy Spirit.

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