What If We Elected Obama And They Still Didn’t Like Us?


Well, with a little luck their heads will all explode.

Now, do not confuse me with somebody who cares very much what editorialists in Der Spiegel or other outposts of the European chattering classes think of any American president. I could not care less, in no small part because I believe that the interests of such people generally diverge from mine own. I note, however, that many of the cosmopolitan Americans who voted for Barack Obama did so because they were embarrassed by the Bush administration’s reputation among foreigners, particularly European elites. They hated having to explain themselves over dinner in Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt, and worried that most Europeans would not understand that we are not all unnuanced rubes. I therefore wonder how such people will react if anti-Obama sentiment in Europe grows to the point where they have to explain themselves all over again. Will they rise in Barack Obama’s defense, agree with the foreign critique but deny that they voted for him, or explode from the cognitive dissonance?

The possibilities for hilarity are not small.

Although I doubt it. The capacity of the liberal mind to rationalize is infinite and as long as they have Bush in their rear view mirrors they will figure out a way to avoid blaming anyone (themselves, Barry, the people and governments of other nations who will always make things our fault because it suits their purposes) but Bush.

No president can make them all like us. Even our allies, but especially our enemies. And we will always have enemies.


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  1. I think that the one thing the Obama-voters didn’t get is that the whole Bush-hating thing in Europe wasn’t really about Bush. It was just plain out old anti-American hate. Bush was a convenient scapegoat because he represented so much about us that they hate. Putting a new face in the White House, even one that is more palatable to Europeans, will not change their sneering condescension or their hatred of us.

    As soon as Obama does something that is not in Europe’s best interest, they’ll turn on him in a second. And then he will be stereotyped and sneered upon in the European press. Obama thinks that Fox News is tough on him? Ha. Just wait until the European press decides that he’s a “typical American” something or other; then he’ll find out what damage a media outlet can really do.

    And yeah, I’m with you; the liberal mind can rationalize any argument that doesn’t fit their inner narrative. They’ll blame anyone but Obama or themselves or their point of view.

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