Michael Jackson Died And I Don’t Care


That’s right. I don’t care. Not one bit. Not an iota. In fact, if it is possible to have a negative value in caring then that’s how I feel about this guy dying.

I never listened to his music except on the radio when I didn’t have a better station to go to and I certainly never bought his albums. I never enjoyed his dancing because men dancing was only cool back when guys like Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Fred Astaire danced. (Okay, maybe John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  But he wasn’t so much cool as he could get chicks by dancing and that was a cool.)

I never found his life fascinating. I rarely even thought about his life and when I was forced to I only thought about how really weird, sad, creepy, and probably criminal it was.

And most of all I never felt sorry for him because his weird, sad, creepy and probably criminal life was of his own making.

I also don’t think I am alone. I don’t think most people really care that he died.  Surely many are waxing nostalgic now, thinking back to that damnable Thriller album which everyone says was the greatest compilation of music ever heard and to which they danced under the delusion that they, too, had his moves. (Me, I just found it annoying for the most part and I KNOW I had the moves.)

Or they may be smiling as they think of that young kid who looked so cute singing with his big brothers.  (Every little kid looks cute singing, even your fat nephew Little Freddy.)

But most aren’t and for those who are one can only hope that after that moment passes they will quickly move on to thinking about other more important things and forget the boy talent who turned into his own personal freak show.

Of course it’s hard to not think about him. What with the news and entertainment media talking endlessly about him since yesterday. Talk that will continue for at least a week I am sure.

Because that’s what’s important in America. The life and death of a pop star.

Not the fight for freedom in Iran. Not the biggest tax increase in history being pushed through Congress at this very moment. And not the threat of national health care that is being sold in infomercials by Obama and his luvah ABC.

No, the guy with the chimp, some poor guy’s bones,  and one glove is what’s important here.

Which says so much about America.  About Americans.  And what it says is not good.

It explains the election of Obama though.

He’s a pop star. Just like Michael.

He went through his cute kid stage. Singing for everyone on the campaign trail, winning over so many hearts that he was able to shoot past all the other established political stars to win the Democratic Party Grammy.

And then he had his Thriller. His win. The Presidency.  A hit album that people all over the world celebrated and played again and again in their hearts. (Not their minds though because his election was all about emotion, not logic.)

He was officially crowned the King of Pop-ularity.

But like Michael he is also moving towards his weird days. Only faster.

Like Michael, he surrounded himself with lesser talents politicians and hangers-on who have only served to make him seem weaker, weirder and out of control.

Like Michael, he has bankrupted himself America by spending all his our money and borrowing even more.

Like Michael, his music rhetoric isn’t as enjoyable as it once was and fewer and fewer people seem to be buying it based on his recent record sales polls.

But, again like Michael, his personal popularity remains high despite all this crap.

Still, personal popularity can only take you so far.  Micheal was – is –  loved by many people yet with all that he ended up losing all his money, friends, and most importantly his credibility.

Which is exactly the way Obama is heading. He is still personally popular, but his music is starting to grate on the public’s ears. People aren’t sure they want to buy it and if it weren’t for the media whoring it out for virtually nothing it would be gathering dust back in some wholesale music warehouse or headed to the dump.

“It’s free,” say Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the media. Take two if you want. Free health care. Free climate change.

Free, free, free.

Until it isn’t.  Which is sooner than you think.

So anyway, my point was I won’t miss Michael Jackson. Not one bit. In fact, I’m glad he is gone, though I hope he rests in peace.

Just like I will be glad when Obama is gone. When he loses in 2012 and heads back to Chicago. Joining the Former Presidents Club playing casinos and doing reunion tours.

No, I won’t miss him.

Cause if I’m lucky, I’ll be listening to some soothing Sarah Palin on my iPod.



  1. I was sick of the Jackson coverage within minutes of hearing about his death. It’s not even 24 hours later and I’ve turned the TV off. Instead of hearing about the energy bill BS they’re pushing through DC, we’ve got Geraldo (who is inexplicably now some Michael Jackson expert) monotoning his way through Jackson’s sad life. Why?

    Gotta say, the Obama/Jackson comparison is brilliant. Let’s hope it plays out that way.

    • It is kind of an interesting comparison, isn’t it? I only wish I had the writing skills to do it justice. No doubt someone better than me (and who isn’t?) will be making the same point soon.

    • You are one hell of a fuck up by saying that… UNlike you snobs some people like him… and dont make fun of his life this guy was amazing he had done so much for us and the world. And you guys are crazy to not like him because HIS MUSIC IS AMAZING HOW ABOUT YOU TRYING TO LIVE A LIFE LIKE HE DID AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL MAKE A HATE WEBSITE ABOUT YOU (thinkn about that)

  2. […] here: Michael Jackson Died And I Don’t Care Tags: celebrities, election, michael-jackson, music, obamaPosted in Micheal Jackson Died | No […]

    • I love michael jackson and you for everyone who says they dont care that he died… well those people are a whole bunch of screw ups:) I think all of you have something better to do in life than make a website about someone who you hate!!! SO JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! AND ACTUALLY RIGHT NOW I AM LISTENING TO ONE OF HIS MUSIC PIECES WHILE I AM DOING THIS…. SUCK IT

  3. […] TRO compares Michael Jackson to Obama. I wish I’d thought of that. […]

  4. There are some valuable life lessons to be learned in the Micheal Jackson saga. How many times was he able to buy his way out of trouble? We may never know exactly. But one thing is for sure, even 750 million dollars of the course of a weird career won’t buy you out of a massive coronary. Good to know.

  5. you sure are talking alot of bull crap…and palin as president…LMAO XD thats a good one . Ohhh but wait, then her daughter (THE ONE THAT couldnt keep her legs closed) Can Run for vice president. XD THEN America Will Go SKY High With Them GOOOO PAAALLIIN LMAO.

    • Behold the educated, articulate, and tolerant liberal. Amusing and sad at the same time.

      • There’s just something about a person who ridicules someone’s daughter because she got pregnant by saying they couldn’t keep their legs together.

        Governor Palin’s daughter DID keep her legs together when it came time to abort her baby. I think that takes tremendous courage for a teenage girl to opt to NOT have an abortion. EVERYONE will know you are pregnant but very few would know if you choose the chop and suck option.

      • Wow for you to say that is so rude i think all of you should keep ALL of your somments to your sekf

  6. I, too, hope your Jackson/Obama parallel runs true, but I also hope that the whole country doesn’t have a massive coronary, first. Or a massive brain hemmorhage to go along with the money hemmorhage.

    Good job.

  7. i dont care either his music sucks

  8. at least give some credit to the original source for jacko’s image. not just some easy steal-copy-paste & easy going huh scum?

    • I’d be happy to, Dean, if I knew it. If I remember I just pulled if off of a blog who had pulled if off of another blog. Is it yours? If it is I will gladly give credit or remove it if you wish. If it is not then point me in the right direction so I can give credit where it is due.

      And I will gladly do all that despite you being an ass.

    • Never mind, I just removed it. If it was yours I apologize, but frankly there’s about a billion Jackson photos out there so I’ll just find another one.

  9. Hey friend:

    Very interesting parallel you’ve drawn here. MJ made his bed for sure. I wish it hadn’t almost always overshadowed the really fine music he made. He was an amazing entertainer who wrote some great stuff. I’d like to see an It’s a Wonderful Life formula applied to his existence, you know? From a popular music standpoint, he stands in some pretty impressive company. In the personal/political arena, however….

    • I was never fan of his music so I will leave it to you, a professional, to judge his impact on popular music. 🙂

  10. Michael Who?

  11. go suck damn monkey balls !!! am i the only one who cares anymore ???i may be eleven but damn it i know good people,music,and danceing when i see or hear it !!! not that iley or soulja boy crap but ral music and dancing-MJ !! even after all his contributions to the world and it’s people yu still have the guts to judge him ?? i don’t think so

    • He could be the best performer in the world – he wasn’t – and I would still judge him as a piece of crap for being a child molester.

  12. whoever made this post….you are my hero!!!
    i too dont give a fiddelers fuck about kiddie raping jackson, im glad hes dead, one less pedophile in the world

    • Well F-U you apparently never met him did you haha

      • Did you meet him Rachel? If you did, you were probably too old to really enjoy his attention – LOL

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