1. Democrats are warning health care lobbyists NOT to meet with Republicans. As Gabriel says at Ace of Spades, “Apparently, even talking to Republicans cannot be tolerated in Obama’s America.”

2. The National Organization for Women puts Letterman in his place for making a joke about raping a 14 year old girl. Good to hear. Now if only they would only tell all liberals to lay off the sexist crap when talking about women, especially Sarah Palin who, I hope anyway, will be running in 2012. Of course, that won’t happen because if they did that their arsenal would be pretty empty.

3. Democrats not so hot on Cap and Trade? Good, now if they will only stop this socialized health care we might have a chance at saving our nation.

4. Everyday normal Republicans. A video that for some reason won’t post on my blog. Click on over and watch it – it’s funny and so very true.

5. Let the Boomers die. The solution to the health care cost issue.

6. Why Letterman say what he says about the Palins. Man, that’s gonna leave a mark. As an aside, the reference is to this movie, which is great.

7. John Wayne is the United States of America. I missed this yesterday on the 30th anniversary of his death, but better late than never. He was the greatest and they don’t even make them close to him anymore, much less like him.

8. Obama moves terrorists from Gitmo to Bermuda. I wonder if they will add that wonderful attraction to the cruise brochures?


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  1. Bermuda, how nice! Too bad we had to pay them millions to take these guys.

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