I’ve been trying-out this new search engine, Bing, and I like it. It’s fast as hell – noticeably faster than Google – and I like the results better.   And it seems you can download images to your computer which for some reason you can no longer do from Google if you use Firefox.

Plus I have always loathed Google’s politics so I am hoping I won’t have to use it anymore.  Let’s just hope Google doesn’t make it an offer it can’t refuse and buy them out.



  1. Bing is the new MSN search engine. I’m no fan of microsoft, but it works well, the algorithms seem better, and for sure, the link to videos is much better.

    • Yeah, I am enjoying the video feature big time. Here’s hoping it keeps getting better.

  2. I tried it for about a minute – really just in passing. I always went between Firefox and MSN until I got Vista – and Firefox seems to work better with it. And my reader – my Google reader, don’t know what I would do without it. But I’ll give it another shot, I really wasn’t giving it a thorough look through.

  3. I use Google reader as well . . . I’m hoping Bing comes up with its own version.

  4. I just like saying the name, over and over.

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