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A dear friend still believes she made the right decision by voting for Obama. I would ask her why but my guess is she just “feels” better for doing so and really can’t give any substantive reason.  Well, I didn’t vote for him and while I can give a dozen substantive reasons I didn’t – and still wouldn’t – I also have some feelings about the whole thing.

Well, one feeling really.  I feel sick.

All Friday the reports were that unemployment ebbed. But the fact is that it went up 0.5 percent in April and another 0.5 percent in May. Indeed, since Jan. 20, unemployment has risen from 7.6% to a whopping 9.4% — the worst in a quarter-century. The Misery Index (inflation + unemployment) fell under President Bush 43.

Under Obama it is rising due to unemployment. Just wait until inflation kicks in. Already, gasoline is rising — and this time Bush 43 is not at the helm to keep the inflation from spreading from higher energy prices.

Obama’s stimulus has done the opposite. It is Obama’s depressant plan, which is turning a mild, routine recession into a calamity.

Had the government done nothing, we’d be recovering. Recessions average 16 months in length. This is month 18.

Instead, the misery is escalating.

Austan Goolsbee, a member of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors told Fox News: “The economy clearly has gotten substantially worse from the initial predictions that were being made, not just by the White House, but by all of the private sector.”

Our economy is in substantially worse shape than it was while Bush was in office. Our President has spent more than Bush did in eight years and made things worse not better. He owns this economy now. The blame Bush thing doesn’t work anymore. And despite the mounting evidence that his actions are bad not good, he is still trying to introduce programs that will only make things worse. Nationalized health care? Cap and Trade? Value added taxes? What the hell is he thinking?

And as far as the war on terror goes, well he has kept nearly all of the Bush initiatives (Gitmo, rendition, wire-tapping, troops in Afghanistan and Iraq) and not changed some things that his supporters wanted him to change (Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, gay marriage).  How can this make any of his supporters feel good about their choice last November?

And where is all the love we were supposed to get from the rest of the world when he was elected? North Korea is showing their love by exploding nukes and shooting off missiles. Iran is spitting in his face. Muslims worldwide are saying they love his speeches but then they do what they have always done which is hating on the USA.

I could go on and on.

What I want to know are some substantive reasons for any Obama voter to still be feeling good about their choice. None of this Bush was bad nonsense. Even if I were to give you that – which I don’t – that is not an answer. Tell me what he is doing right. Tell me how he has improved things for us. Or substantive evidence that things are going to improve.

Because I don’t see it.



  1. I never actually “worried” about our country as a whole when W was in office. Now I am very afraid of the direction our country is going in.

  2. To paraphrase a famous Reagan question, “Are you better or worse off, now, than you were four months ago?”

    I think it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Are you kidding me?
    Do you even read what you write?
    The man has been in office for six months… may I remind you, Bush was in office for 9 months on September 11th and republicans still blamed that on Clinton…

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”
    – the wool has been firmly pulled over your eyes. Bush and the republicans love that people like you get your gilly up over silly things like gay-marriage (see Ohio 2004), and Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell, Abortion and David Letterman making jokes about Sarah Palin, then you can hardly be paying attention to tax breaks for the ultra walthy, do you even know what carried interest is ? Answer just this One question:

    How much of your wealth is in LP interests?

    Which is taxed at exactly 15%. How much of most republican politicians’ & CEO’s wealth is in LP interests? they dont care about your paltry $60-$80k a year salary you fool!!! They are protecting their millions in hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate partnerships. But you continue to buy it hook-line-and-sinker. “Obama will raise your taxes, Obama will raise your taxes, Obama will raise your taxes” Because scare tactics work! They told you “Dont worry about ENRON, we will clean that up… hey look a muslim.. Get Him!!!”

    What bush did to the econmy will take years for us to get out from under not weeks or months. Does anyone even remember ENRON? We could have seen this coming a mile away, only thing Bush (read “Cheney”) had the country so cleverly distracted with his WMD in Iraq.

    I will check back here in six months as we recover and can’t wait to see which republican party line you are spewing then. Wake up man, think about your kids, don’t be so easily distracted and see the big picture.

    And just so we are clear: Since 1928, equity investors have generated 9% more in excess returns during the four years of a democrat’s term in the Oval Office than a republican.

    • Yeah, check back in six months after we “recover.” I look forward to your visit.

  4. One more tidbit:
    (Howard Stern was covering this like mad in the months leading up to September 11th and no one even seemed to notice…)

    “Prior to September 11, 2001, George W. Bush was on vacation for 96 days — Given that he’d taken office on January 20th of 2001, that means that as of September 11th, he’d been ‘on the job’ for 234 days. If 96 of those were vacation days, he was on vacation 41% of the time.”

    This GUY WASNT EVEN THERE, how much vacation did you take your first year on any job?

    “Is our children learning?” – George W. Bush

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