Be Very Afraid


Because Obamacare is coming.

For starters, President Obama unequivocally endorses the creation of a new government-run insurance option for working age Americans and their families. For weeks, Senator Baucus has hinted that, well, maybe such an option isn’t necessary. That led many on the left to put pressure back on Democrats in Congress to deliver what they had promised — or else. With the president’s re-endorsement of the idea (he supported it during his campaign), it is now inconceivable that the Democrats won’t include a heavily price-controlled government-run plan in the bill they try to pass.

The Obama letter also endorses a so-called “individual mandate” — a requirement that everyone enroll in some kind of insurance or pay a penalty. During the 2008 campaign, then-Senator Obama made a big deal of opposing this idea — which was the centerpiece of Senator Hillary Clinton’s reform agenda. Now, however, he has flip-flopped — as Politico reported — and endorsed it, so long as “hardship” cases are exempt.

The individual mandate has long been accepted orthodoxy among most Congressional Democrats. For them, the real goal is to be able to say they passed “universal coverage,” and the only way they can say that they did is if they make those who would opt out enroll in something anyway.

Moreover, the individual mandate is the excuse for everything else they want to do. The government can’t make people buy insurance if they can’t afford it, so there needs to be an expansive new health-insurance entitlement program (Sen. Kennedy’s outline would allow everyone up to 500 percent of the poverty line qualify). And if there’s a mandate, the government must define what qualifies. And on and on.

The primary obstacle in the way of rapid passage of the emerging Democratic plan remains cost. The bill will be enormously expensive, at a time when the federal government is already running massive budget deficits. Despite all of the talk of “bending the cost curve,” the Democrats have offered nothing that would put a dent in rising costs. And many rank and file Democrats are likely to balk at Senator Baucus’s push to tax employer-paid premiums.

This sums up nicely what Obama put in a three page letter to Senators Kennedy and Baucus explaining what he is going to wants. And what is wants is a total and complete remaking of our health care system from a flawed, but mostly efficient and successful private system to a government-controlled socialized system.

We are so screwed.

Get ready for rationing for the elderly (let’s put Grandma down instead of keeping her around a few more years with some expensive surgery or treatment), those with incurable, yet chronic conditions (why waste the money when they aren’t going to get any better anyway?), for premature babies (who can live but do we really want to spend that much since we allow aborting them in the womb anyway?), and waiting lists for surgeries and procedures that are into the months and years instead of next Monday for an appointment.

And unless you are rich – and I don’t mean $250,000 a year rich, I mean Michael Moore rich or Senator Kennedy rich – you are not going to have a choice.  It will be government health care or no health care.

Nope we are all screwed.  And  the people who voted for this guy are to blame.  All that hopey-changey crap you had in your minds – and may still have – is flushing the country down the tubes.  And it is NOT Bush’s fault.   We are way past anything Bush did to our economy.  This multi-trillion dollar debt we have pressing down on us now is Obama’s fault.  The whole GM fiasco where we paid $30 to $60 billion so they wouldn’t go bankrupt, yet they did anyway? That’s on Barry, not Bush.  And now we are facing high oil prices again and the tremendous cost of a national health care system and the higher taxes on EVERYONE that it will take to pay for it and we are screwed.

And it is Obama’s fault.  And the fault of every person in who voted for him.

Thanks a fricken bunch.

** Yeah, yeah, I know I am very angry here, but of all the things he is doing to us, this whole national health care thing is the worst. This is seriously going to make the lives of millions upon millions of Americans much much worse while doing nothing for those who need help with health care now. And the debt? The higher taxes? This man is breaking America. God help us.


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  1. On being angry: so, you’re just ahead of the rush, but you’re not alone.

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