1. Kids were having sex in the staircases. I blame liberal education policy and this seems to confirm my theory. Of course, if you have another theory, feel free let me know.

2. Our President has Muslim roots? First I heard of it. During the campaign he was 100% Christian. Amazing how much he has changed since then.

3. Most Americans are not interested in nationalized health care. Not that it matters because Obama and the more leftist Democrats don’t care what we want. They know if they don’t pass it now they may never have another chance because frankly I don’t see Obama getting a second term.

4. Taking our used cars? Man, when it comes to clinging to things I would say old cars are number three behind bibles and guns. Again, one term is what I see in his future.

5. No statement by the President on the shooting of the Army recruiters by a Muslim terrorist. Yet he stated he was shocked by the killing of the abortion doctor. Priorities.



  1. My car is a 2001. It has just over 50,000 miles on it because I don’t drive a whole lot. I just passed my emissions test. I make sure my car is in good shape because I just can’t have a car payment right now. What on earth would I do with $750.00??? How would that help me, or replace the car I drive now? I don’t think so.

    And talk about somebody talking out of both sides of their mouth!! Does the president think that people forget what he said during the campaign? Does he really think the Muslim countries he visits never heard him proclaim to be a Christian? Why does he act like everyone is stupid except him, and he knows what’s best, not only for our country, but for the world? I think the man has a HUGE messianic complex and has a plan to step by step – save the freakin’ world so he will be forever praised and remembered. Except – he won’t save ANYthing.

    Ugh. This makes me crazy. All of it.

    • When I heard the quote, this morning, about the U.S. being the largest Muslim country in the world, it seemed that a cold hand was clutching my heart. His level of arrogance seems, if possible, to go beyond mere hubris and straight into chutzpah. My favorite example of chutzpah is that of a young man who kills his mother and his father, then throws himself on the mercy of the court, because he is an orphan. I believe our current President could do that with a straight, utterly sincere countenance.

  2. I absolutely agree with your pointing the finger at liberal “education,” and I speak as one who couldn’t take the mushrooming student apathy any longer than 6 years, part-time in a community college. Consider a girl who can’t test into freshman composition and has to take a remedial class first, then asks her instructor to edit a paper for her that she wants to get published. The instructor declines, citing her lack of time and the fact that she would have to charge the student, only to have the student get offended and proclaim, “I would think you would be honored to do it!” Such a girl is a product of liberal education in which every effort, no matter how dismal, gets smiley faces and lots of praise. Thankfully, I was not the instructor involved.

  3. $750? Really? Maybe as a tax credit, because if Barry O! thinks that amount will help anyone buy a new car, he’s still smoking dope.

  4. Read the comments on your first link, that will tell you a lot about what is wrong with education in America. Evidently, there isn’t any.

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