I’ve Got Nothing To Post About Except Facebook


Seriously, total writer’s block here. I did give Facebook a try under my real name, but frankly it was about as interesting as I thought it would be. Which is to say not interesting at all. I created a page, invited some friends, posted some pictures, took some quizzes, made comments on my friends’ pages, did a back and forth with some friends on my page, and after about seven days found it to be quite boring.

Or maybe I am just boring.

Either way I was bored.

I think the problem with it is that I can’t really be myself. Myself being the way I am on this blog. And hell, even on this blog I hold back a lot because my mother reads it and I have a few good Christian readers I don’t want to scare away. So you can imagine how much I have to hold back when my real name is attached to what I have to say. And when I did creep up to the edge of how I write here in my Facebook comments and wall posts I found that most people didn’t get the joke. One person even mentioned it in a private message to me.

Humorless folks or just me being a putz?

I don’t know.

Either way it sort of turned me off to the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed briefly talking to some old high school friends. Well, one or two of them are old friends, but most are just people I knew in high school who I asked to be friends simply because I wanted to see what they looked like after all these years. And to tell the truth they probably only accepted my friend request for the same reason. I know this because after being declared friends none of us  said much (if anything) to each other. Maybe a “hello” and “good to see you,” but past that total silence.

Which makes sense because if we were really friends we would have kept in touch with each over the years. And there were only two of them that fit that category so should I really be surprised when we have nothing to say to each other?

I also added some friends that I know now. Five local neighbors actually, who all befriended me back politely, but with the exception of two are not really my friends, but loving wife’s friends. I’m a friend by proxy in other words and because of this these folks just added me and then silence. Nothing. We might as well have not done it at all and in fact it would have been better for my ego had we not since at least before Facebook I was under the illusion that we had something to say to each other.

Now even that is gone.

Of course  I do have a few good friends on my page.  Jana, Chuck, Ed and a couple of relatives whose pages I enjoy visiting and who seem to enjoy commenting on my page. But other than that, I’ve just found the whole thing disappointing.

So in a period of seven days I went from zero to 36 friends with all but five or six being friends in name only.  And last night I even cleaned out a few of those so now I am down to 27. (It just seemed silly to have them in my friend’s list since I couldn’t be myself with them.)

I’ve searched for others. High school, college, and military friends I lost track of over there years, but so far no luck in finding any on Facebook.  And I did the same thing with some of my current friends, but evidently what few friends I have are not on Facebook which may mean that I shouldn’t be either.

Now before I get slammed by some Facebook-loving readers let me be clear. This is just my opinion. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Facebook or those that use it.

It’s just not for me.



  1. No slamming, here. I kinda enjoy going into FB to see what I can see, and from time to time I have a nice exchange–or, as happened last night, a fun exchange–with a few. I’ve enjoyed chatting, briefly, with a couple of people, in the past few weeks, including my beloved niece; that was nice. I have well over 100 “friends,” many of whom I’ve never met but we share a common interest in Compassion.

    So what I see way too much of is “status” posts by people I wouldn’t recognize on the street or in church, or by people I actually know but whose status reports are really inane. I haven’t gotten into the quizzes and tests, nor do I intend to, because I don’t want to use any features of FB that will make my information readily available to the whole world (yes, I know about hackers) and because I spend way too much time in this chair, as it is.

    I also haven’t given any “gifts” or “flair” buttons, or anything, for the same reason. Therefore, I get bored as I scroll past post after post of who gave what gift or flair button to whom. And one woman I do know from my own community never posts anything *except* the quizzes she’s taken, and the alleged results of some of them are about as off the mark with her as I can imagine.

    The bottom line is that I’m not ready to remove myself from FB, but if it disappeared from the Net, I would not grieve. I am at best ambivalent about it.

  2. Wow. I had no idea that was getting so long! Sorry ’bout that!

  3. Never been to face book, probably never will and it’s fine with me. Virtual fake friends are even worse than actual fake friends. It’s all about qualty over quantity.

  4. I really like it. I’ve found friends all the way back to grade school and have kept up since. I can keep up with family,i.e. photos, news,etc. I have it set up so I can get updates on blogs, flickr, birthdays and calendars.
    I have blog/flickr friends as well as RL friends on there. I find it entertaining 🙂

  5. Never tried FB – mostly because I am already on the internet too much. I mentioned it the other day when talking to my daughter and her fiance – and you should have seen my daughter roll her eyes. MOM – DON’T go on FACEBOOK!!! I kind of feel like that’s her turf and I want to allow her to be free to say and be who she wants to be there without worrying about MOM checking in. 🙂 My son moderates a website and I don’t go there either. I guess I have a thing about allowing them a certain amount of privacy – even in those public places.

  6. .. kind of like – my Mom doesn’t know I have a blog and isn’t savvy enough to search for it. I like that freedom myself.

  7. Facebook-loving readers…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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