So The Next Time A Guy Tells You To Take Off Your Jeans

charcoal boot leg

You know he only has your health in mind.

If you are one who is willing to suffer for fashion, you might have a pair or two of the stylish “skinny jeans”. If so, you need to know about meralgia paresthetica, or “tingling thigh syndrome.” It feels as if your legs have gone to sleep, or it may cause a burning or tingling sensation. The syndrome is caused by pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

“The nerve, in some people, is susceptible to compression,” says Dr. John England, a New Orleans neurologist and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. The femoral cutaneous nerve, he explains, runs from the outside of the pelvis and through the thigh. “It is a pure sensory nerve — it doesn’t go to muscles or provide strength. Anything that is tight around there could potentially compress the nerve that goes there.”

The situation is exacerbated if you are also wearing high heels. It’s almost always a temporary condition. Just remove the jeans and the nerve will regenerate.

See, it’s science.


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