Mancow Surprised That Waterboarding Is Unpleasant

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jeeze, he needed to do it to know this?

Of course it is unpleasant. Of course it is something that no one wants done to them. That’s the fricken point of doing it. But what is important here is that it didn’t take but a few moments for him to give up. It was quick and effective and did not cause any damage to him physically and that is what makes it an effective tool in interrogating terrorists.

What it is NOT is torture.

Torture is having your fingernails pulled out.

Torture is breaking bones.

Torture is listening to Mancow’s voice on the radio.

Torture is getting that Nazi dentist in Marathon Man to drill into your teeth without Novocaine.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See, that’s fricken torture!!!

Having a bucket of water poured over your face sucks big time, but torture it ain’t.

Hat-tip to Floyd over at Three Donia who notes that torture should have some kind of “cringe” factor to be, in fact, torture. He’s right. It needs to. Waterboarding doesn’t. I mean I am no braveheart and even after watching this and KNOWING how bad it is I would let them do it to me just to see how bad it is. It’s like law enforcement officers getting pepper-sprayed in order to carry pepper-spray. We know it sucks, yet we do it reluctantly because we know it isn’t going to kill us or cause us any real injury.

Point is if you have people volunteering to give it a try then that just sucks the wind out of any torture argument for me.

Stephanie over at Three Donia sums it up nicely in the comments.

What a wimp. Total puss. Thats not torture thats your big brother dropping a waterballoon on you without you knowing it. Ever have that happen? I have. So I guess my big brother should be sent up on war crimes?



  1. I was really disappointed in Mancow. It only took about 30 seconds (or less) for him to wuss out. I don’t know if it was because of the story he told about drowning when he was a kid or what, but I swear I could have taken that for longer than HE did!

    • It’s my understanding that the fear factor during this procedure is great. Overwhelming even. I doubt I would have lasted any longer than he did, but like I said, that is the point. It makes people talk and it does them no real harm. Of course this assumes that it is used judiciously and for a fricken good reason and not just to for the sake of abusing.

  2. When Harrison Ford had his chest hair waxed to raise awareness about rainforest disappearance , (I was competely unaware of the issue beforehand, by the way.) I cringed. And yet I don’t think he was submitting to torture, either.

    “Cringe factor” is one way to put it, but I don’t think it’s strong enough. I once walked through an “invisible fence” with the dog collar in my hand. The collar ended up about twenty feet away. And I almost did it again on purpose. Just to see if it was the surprise or the pain that was worse. And if anyone had given me ten bucks ,I would have.

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