Shifting Sands


Party identification is tied now. Good, well better, for the Republicans in 2010.  Mostly due to Obama’s spending us in 100 days into a GAZILLION TIMES the debt Bush did in eight whole years.

Add in the fact that he pretty much being Bush on national security issues (rendition, GITMO – which won’t close any time soon, tribunals, and wiretaps), gay issues (Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell and gay marriage) which is turning off some of his base, and that he is pushing hard for abortion when more of the country is against it than for it, an unpopular, economy-busting cap and trade program, higher taxes, and a nationalized health care program that most Americans – the smart ones anyway, no matter how much they like the idea of everyone being covered, know is only doomed to make their lives worse, and you have to wonder how the hell he got elected in the first place.

Oh yeah, everyone was tired of Bush, McCain sucked as a candidate, Barry was pretty and everyone was feeling all hopey and changey.

How’s that working out for you folks?


Speaking of national health care – check this out.

Massachusetts General Hospital launched a pathbreaking effort to cut medical costs by reducing hospital stays and emergency room visits by the frail elderly – an initiative that underscores just how hard it will be for the medical industry to make good on its promise to President Obama to pare healthcare spending by $2 trillion over the next decade.

There WILL be rationing if we get the health care program Obama is proposing. So ask yourself this, who in your family – mother, father, grandparent, children, you – do you want to have to sit for months to get treatment? Or be refused treatment totally because it’s just not cost-effective. Eh, well, look at it the upside . . . maybe you won’t even like them . . . or want their inheritance.

Course, does a life insurance policy even pay off when they can be saved by treatment but aren’t because of some choice made by the government?  Interesting quesion.


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