There’s No Title For This Post

Bonus BTT

I haven’t had much worth posting lately. My job has been keeping me busy and even during my down time I haven’t had much luck searching the Internets looking for interesting things to post.  After all how many times can a guy point out how Obama is screwing up our country?  You either recognize it already and are as frightened and appalled as I am or you don’t recognize it and therefore you are probably too stupid to breath or finally you do recognize it but you voted for him and therefore have your head stuck so deeply up your ass in the sand that it would take a track-hoe to dig it out. So my pointing it out probably doesn’t do any good past giving me the same moment’s worth of satisfaction a virgin on his prom date gets after his first blow job. Sure it’s great, but it’s over so quickly you really can’t enjoy it, if you get my drift.

Oops, didn’t expect that analogy did you.

Anyway, like I said, I got nothing to post about. But if you are remotely interested in hearing who died on Grey’s Anatomy, a show I never watch because it sucks harder than that guy’s prom date, then link on over to Three Donia to hear Wankette post like loving wife would post about that show if she blogged.

Or, if TV shows about mostly ugly women doctors dating mostly hot guy doctors (yeah, right, like that happens) while they kill far more patients than they save and whine about their ugly on hot doctor sex lives then link on over to Memphis Steve’s Place to hear a rant about commuting like no other. Well, no other since the last his rant about commuting. I tell you the guy has the niche category of “commute ranting” down to a fricken art form. Dirty words abound though, but let’s be honest, most of us say that stuff when we are commuting so don’t judge until you have driven in his big-ass truck.

Still, if  listening to a guy bitch about a town he has named himself after – oh the irony – isn’t your cup of tea then you can either put some booze in your tea or you can link on over the My First Dictionary to read some very inventive and often creepy definitions. I like it, but I haven’t been able to blend it into a post before this.  Like Vegemite it is an acquired taste.

Or you can link on over to Theo Spark, who is the source of most of the beautiful women I post. Especially the brunettes, which he never has a shortage of, and therefore which is both an annoyance and a joy to me. Annoying because I really would like to skip the middle-man  and go straight to the source and a joy because stealing from him cuts my masturbation blogging time in half. He also has other great stuff which I steal as well, much of it having to do with England and therefore, barely understandable to me.

Speaking of England, you can also visit Mostly Safe For Work where I get lots of stuff, including jokes that I then send to people on my email list as posing as my own creations. Of course several of them have written back asking me who Gordon Brown is and why I am writing with a British or Irish or Scottish (Scott?) or Welsh accent, but I put it off to their incredible ethnocentric American ignorance of all things foreign. So far that has worked as most of my friends are ignorant redneck hicks who are probably married to a relative.

If you like to read about music and a few sports teams I don’t follow check out Rockin’ The Bourgeoisie and if you like good people doing good works then check out Passions for the Soul. Or if you like what appears to be about a 1000 people blogging on one blog, all saying something funny, but sometimes so “in-house” that even though you feel it is funny you really don’t get the joke so you have to nervously laugh just so they don’t know you haven’t a clue, well, then try The Hostages.

Now, if you are adamant on wanting to read about politics and how Obama is really, really messing up our country then check out Don Surber or Instapundit or Ace of Spades, which are all big blogs and don’t need any help from me in getting readers. Or try Big Hollywood which has a conservative view on, well, Hollywood, and celebrity in general.

Or you can just take a tour of my sidebar and pick out the ones you like best. I would link to them all here, especially my blogging friends, but I just don’t have the time and it is a bitch to try to type when my still-healing finger hurts every time I hit a key, so please my dear friends don’t take it as a slight if I didn’t include you now.

And since I do need to go shower and my finger is really stinging  now comes the time where I pick a picture for the top of the post. Sometimes that is easy. Sometimes hard. And when it is hard and I am in a hurry I just fall back on the old standard of posting a hot gal.

Hmmm, hot gal it is.




  1. TRO – I’ve hit a purple patch! My Google RSS feeds are delivering much goodness, all Mostly (some not) Safe for Work (provided you own the company). Thanks for the link and credit. You mention our Prime Minister – to see what we really think of him, just hit and type “Gordon Brown is ” and see what Google search prediction comes back with.

    Maybe that’s the trick – you need to employ some Google RSS feeds to better streamline your reading.


    • Yep, I know it is much more efficient to surf via an RSS but I just love the feeling of clicking on my blog roll and then jumping off to other blogs from there and on and on. And while my redneck friends probably don’t know who Brown is, I surely do, but I have my own problems over here as you know – LOL,

  2. Nice pic TRO
    Being a Hostage I cannot bother to read all the most excellent crap you put up after the pic, but I am rocking to aerosmith. Oh wait that is at Theos. Sorry
    Yes I am a Moron, but I checked out English Guys site too Will check it out when not too drunk to see.

  3. Thanks for the link and reference, TRO! Very nice of you!

  4. Okay, the first paragraph of this post (except for, um, the blow job part) is exactly why I’ve been in a hideous, ineloquent frame of mind lately.
    Thanks for saying what needs to be said. Maybe if I read it enough, it’ll make me feel better.

    p.s. Is the “what [your] wife would write” reference in your post a compliment? Just…wondering.

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