Make Yourself Comfortable

May 14

And read some political stuff.

1. Obama considers detaining terrorists suspects indefinitely. Same thing Bush proposed. So much for change.

2. Obama decides against doing all the things he said he was going to do for gays. That’s got to leave a mark.

3. Obama flip-flops on releasing “torture” photos. A good decision by the way, but exactly the opposite of what he said during his campaign.

4. Obama’s raising taxes. And not just on the rich or big business.  No he is also going to taxing health care benefits and, get this, soft drinks for heaven’s sake.   Less money in your pocket of course.

5. Still there’s good news. The Administration wants to make Cheerios a drug. Ha, got you, I was joking about that being good news. It’s actually just moronic.

6.  Democrats stop ethics investigation into Democrat corruption – for the eight time. And you thought the Bush Administration was corrupt. Silly you.

7. Former Playboy Playmate and Miss California Pageant director, quits her job and lectures Miss California because she posed topless. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

8. Speaking of the health care dealio I mentioned up above. Barry is moving on his whole reforming health care thing very quickly and with congress in his pocket it’s a sure thing to get passed into law. So unless you want to see the quality of your health care go down the drain you had better start emailing your elected representatives. Just look at it this way. When you or your child get sick do you really want some government bureaucrat telling you that it’s not cost-effective to treat the illness? Because that is just what they are going to do. If you think doctors are hamstrung by HMOs and insurance companies now, just imagine how they will be by the government. Rationing there will be and it could be you or a loved one they refuse treatment to.

Hat-tip to Theo for the picture of the chair.


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  1. I think the President flip-flopped yet again, on releasing the torture photos. Or did I misinterpret what I heard yesterday?

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