Looks Like G.I No, Not G.I. Joe

I’m not impressed. Nothing in it made me think I would pay the $15 a pop I paid for me and my two sons to see the new Star Trek in an IMAX theater Saturday morning (well worth it). Hell, nothing in it made me think I would pay $7 for a regular matinee price for that matter.

There was no “tingle” at the back of the neck that guys (and some gals) get when they see a  trailer for a really good Sci Fi/fantasy/action-adventure flick and once feeling that just knows it is going to rock.

This one made me want to turn it off before it finished. Seeing the Eiffel Tower melted by green jello was about as exciting as seeing that ferris wheel almost fall over in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Not a good sign as anyone who ever saw that crappy movie knows.

Add in the fact that they have changed G.I. Joe from a unapologetically patriotic American hero into a politically correct United Nations-style wimp and I can’t see why anyone who grew up loving the former will drag their kids to see the latter.

Still maybe I am wrong.  It might be good and I don’t see a whole lot of competition in the action/adventure area during the August release date. Other than Inglourious Basterds which, as a Quentin Tarantino film, is certainly not for kids, but looks like it has more in common with the rough and tough original G.I. Joe than the 2009 version.

I’ll be there for that one, sans my youngest, who can wait for G.I Joe on HBO.  If he wants to see it even then.



  1. HOw was Star Trek?

  2. Excellent. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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