The First Song I Ever Slow Danced To

And my first slow dance ever. With a girl.  I don’t think a broom counts.

Not as good as Nights in White Satin, but hey, you can’t beat the Paul.

In case you were interested, her name was Becky. She was a brunette, but way too skinny for my taste. We went steady for a short time in the 8th Grade but she dumped me and took up with a bastard 10th Grader.  I think they are still married.

By the way, about the Beatles. Paul and Ringo were the best. George next and John sucked. There is no argument about that.

And by the way again, if you look closely at this video you will see Jack Black playing the tambourine.



  1. Becky Miller? She is kind of hot now. LOL

  2. Did she grow tits?

    • ROFLMAO!! Nope, still flat, but hot little butt.

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