Four Things Left


1. Once again the left proves that if you stand-up for what you believe they will destroy you. Shining examples of tolerance they are.

2. Colin Powell says Americans want to pay more taxes. Well, hell, I knew he was full of crap when he kept pronouncing his name incorrectly.

3. Right-wing extremists march for school choice in Washington, D.C. Hey, they are also up in arms over gay marriage.

4. In a story that connects numbers one and three above, topless photos of gay marriage opponent have broken on the web. Funny, they don’t look fake to me.

**On a personal note, links one, three and four do not necessarily reflect my point of view on gay marriage.  In fact, they aren’t about gay marriage at all.  They are about hypocrisy.  But you knew that I am sure.



  1. …not that there’s anything wrong with that…lol

  2. Let’s see…when the Leftists march and otherwise demonstrate, they are being good citizens, being actively involved … etc., etc. But when folks on the right march or otherwise demonstrate, they are automatically dubbed “right-wing extremists.” I gag on the hypocrisy.

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