An Unusual Mother’s Day Gift


For sure**.

Let your mom know that she’s still got it goin’ on with the warm glow of these eco-friendly scented candles that are hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax. The cheeky fragrance names – ‘Hot Mama’ (Sugar & Spice) and ‘MILF’ (Milk & Cookies) – are sure to make her chuckle.

Still, I know of at least one potential customer, Shia Labeouf.

“She’s an ethereal angel,” he says of his mother, a former ballerina. “Nobody looks like that woman. If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.”

In a candid (ya think?) new interview, LaBeouf reveals how his hippie mother would often walk around their home naked — even when he had friends over to play.

“The nudity was weird, especially when her friends came over,” he tells Playboy. “All of them would just be naked around the house. That was strange for me, and it was really bizarre when my friends were there.

“You’ve got your little buds over, and Mom’s, like, playing naked connect the dots or whatever. She’s in the middle of goddess-group time, where it’s literally a bunch of naked women tracing auras around one another’s bodies with incense and then sitting together and humming for prolonged periods of time.”

Actually the Hot Mama one would be cute for grown kids to give their divorced mom who was in a desperate search of a new rich hubby to pay for cruises to anywhere but Mexico to buy them expensive gifts on off-boat excursions.  The MILF one though is a little too much, although I guess it would be a funny Mom’s Day present from the hubby. (One only the hubby would laugh at though knowing most married women.)

**The quote comes from Inhabitat but it won’t let me link to the specific post.


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  1. I’m pretty sure MILF does not stand for Milk & Cookies. lol

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