My stats have crashed. Who would think not posting would drive people away? You would think my good looks would be enough.  People are so shallow – sigh.

Anyway I am back. Late last night. Three days early because I switched with someone else at the last minute who wanted to stay. Had I known I could switch earlier I would be down in Mississippi at the wedding of my buddy Chuck’s daughter, which would no doubt be a good time. Instead I am up here surrounded by ankle high grass that can’t be mowed because of the seemingly endless rain we are getting. Oh well, hopefully it’s not raining on the wedding and my best wishes go out to the bride and groom, who is to happens is a US Army officer and soon to be chopper pilot. Hoo-Ahh!!

So I am back home for at least a couple of months and I have a ton of work to catch-up on both at the office and at home, but it doesn’t matter because I get to sleep in my own king-sized bed now and should it stop raining soon lay around my own medium-sized pool with women like the one above.

In my dreams.  But a guy has to dream, right?

Anyway, one other thing is happening today besides the wedding.  A good friend is getting her Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and with a little luck will be moving from teaching into what I have been told are coveted school librarian positions.

Two women moving along in their lives.

I kind of like that.

Plus, they are all brunettes.


H/T to Theo for the picture.


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