I’m Just Sayin’


For the past month I have been in airports, on airplanes, and in big groups and I didn’t see anyone who was exhibiting remotely cold-like or flu-like symptoms. And I only counted five people wearing those surgical masks while traveling and they were all elderly. Yet, when when you look at the news – especially the “Chicken Little” network CNN – you can only think that we are all facing a Stephen King sized “Captain Trips” plague that is one step from wiping out 99.4% of human life on Earth.

Now, I suppose two days from now I might be in bed with a fever and chills and so forth, but that could happen to anyone at anytime who travels on those incubators in the sky with their recycled air, so I guess my point is to quit listening to the news and getting yourself all wound up because unless I’m missing something obvious a couple of hundred cases of swine flu out of a population of 300 million Americans is not anything to panic about just yet.

Yes, take precautions like practicing good hygiene and watching closely if someone if your family – especially the young or elderly – start running a high fever and have other symptoms, but otherwise don’t go crazy demanding Tamiflu from your doctor and refusing to attend your grand kids graduation because of the crowd.

Instead, after the graduation go eat a nice pulled-pork barbecue sandwich with fries.

Revenge never tasted so good.

H/T to Theo for the picture again.


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  1. Oooh – that sandwich sounds great!
    I got that cartoon in an email yesterday and I had to laugh out loud. I’m a long time Pooh fan – and it just cracked me up!

    Oh, and – what flu?

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