Yesterday I managed to slice my finger badly enough that it required three hours at the ER and five stitches to close it up.  I’d like to say it happened while apprehending some really bad guy but to be honest it was just a dumb move on my part while working in my basement.  No nerve damage thank goodness though so I just have to keep the thing clean for a week which even I think I can manage.

Anyway,  you would be surprised how hard it is to type without one finger hitting the keys easily.



  1. I sympathize. I did 7 stitches in my index finger right where it meets the hand – opening a freaking cat food can once. Add 1 tetanus shot. Gr-r-rrr. I’m sure you’ll manage to post pics of HALF naked women just fine! Still – it’s a pain!

  2. I feel your pain. Last fall I got a some stiches in a finger from a nasty electric hedge trimmer incident. I’m just glad is wasn’t my trigger finger. Oh, and posting a bunch of half naked brunettes will really make you feel better.

  3. Any cut on any finger hurts like [insert favorite descriptor].

    I also got a truly nasty cut from a cat-food can lid, years ago. It was on the first knuckle of my right index finger. I should have seen a doctor and had some stitches, but I was due at a software class, that morning, so I washed it the best I could, hit it with hydrogen peroxide, bandaged it and went on my way. It hurt so bad, and you know, learning how to use software did require typing. I was lucky that it never got infected.

    (This story has been told in honor of the old “Let me tell you about my operation” tradition.)

  4. Man I hope you can still pick what needs picking and clean what needs cleaning!

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