“The War On Jerks”

Where the real winners may just be the women who are waiting back here at home.

On the battlefield of love, I’m a decorated five-star general, navigating the endless minefield of jerks with the attitude of Patton and the skill of Napoleon (or, some might say, Rommel). I worked my way up in the ranks, took some enemy fire, and have the purple hearts to prove it. But over the course of this journey, I believe that I have figured out why military men make the best dating prospects:

She goes on to explain the reasons for her attraction to military men, which include commitment, accountability, and bravery among others. And she has a point, although with my being a former military man I do confess some bias when I say so.

That’s not to say that military men are the perfect choice for dating or marriage. Heaven knows that the challenges of choosing a military boyfriend or husband are real and often times unfathomable to the average gal, but I think if you ask most military girlfriends/wives they will say the rewards are more than worth the cost.  And military men are still men with all their many faults so there is surely no guarantee of happiness with one, although there is certainly a guarantee of a roller coaster ride of excitement which is not a bad thing I think.

Now if you look at the typical Hollywood depiction of a military guy or veteran, you would probably assume that he is a deeply flawed and possibly unhinged and dangerous person.   The result of unjust wars forced on him by unscrupulous Republican politicians (because only Democrat politicians go for just wars).  Destined to live out his life in Agent Orange-induced (or depleted uranium-induced in the case of the Iraq war) psychotic delusions where he attempts to strangle his girl in the middle of the night shouting “Abdula you killed my buddy, you bastard” at the top of his lungs.

The fact that the vast majority – and I mean vast – of active duty military members and veterans are not negatively affected by their combat service  to any meaningful degree doesn’t mean a thing to those liberals who hate the military and who, as a result of that hatred, continue to portray them in that way. It suits their pre-determined mindset and liberal agenda too well to worry about the truth.  Which wouldn’t matter one bit if it didn’t beat that image into the minds of Americans who don’t know better, including women who are looking for a decent guy to date/marry.

Still some women are too smart to buy into that warped fairy tale and they, like this gal, realize that maybe these men are indeed some of the  best  that America has to offer to the women of America.

Which is good news for those gals who are smart enough to jump on the thrill ride that is a military guy.

BTW, the same thing goes for the women serving in the military.  Especially the thrill ride part – he he.


Good news for military men thinking of marriage.


Hat-tip to My[confined]Space.


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  1. I’ve seen enough news articles on the “vast number” of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who are in need of therapy (for the mind, not the body), that I just gag. Why don’t they ever write about the vast numbers who don’t? I understand that war is hell, but why not hold up as the fine examples they are the men and women who come back to pick up their lives without going nuts or shooting up a supermarket, or something.

    And how do the numbers of the psychologically impaired compare to the numbers of military folks who suffered from “combat fatigue” in WW1 or WW2? They don’t tell us that, either.

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