After All These Years

Well, five years that is – on three different blogs – two of which are as defunct as General Motors soon will be.

Anyway, after all these years, you gals get to see what I look like via this super-secret home video that was somehow stolen from under my stained mattress by the Ninja-Clown posse at The Hostages while I was passed-out on my nightly combo of Jager and Old Milwaukee.   How they found it under all the porn mags I have no idea.

Now you see why I am anonymous. Loving wife couldn’t handle the crowds of women storming the house for a taste of Teh TRO.

BTW, when I find the Hostage who stole my fricken watch I’m gonna kick his ass.  Or if it is a hot gal I am gonna threaten her with lovemaking until she cries out for help.




  1. Oh that’s priceless!

  2. Don’t look now but he got one of your front teeth also.

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