I’m drunk. Blogging while drunk. Is that illegal? Cause if it is I am a law breaker. I just spent a few hours in a nice bar with good friends enjoying three beers, five margaritas, a burger, and some nachos.


Good time though.  There were a ton of good looking women in the bar that had spilled-over from some benefit dinner so there was no shortage of flirting going on.

Not from me, mind you, as I am both married and well past the flirting age (and never had any skills in that regard anyway) , but I do have nefarious friends who were enthusiastically engaged in that activity this evening.

So it was fun to watch.

Hmmm, past that I got nothing as my head is swimming and I need to go to bed.


BTW, Whassup?, Wassup? Wazzup? Does it matter?



  1. You couldn’t have been that drunk, as everything was spelled properly and you made sense.

    You? Not a flirt? Ha!

  2. It’s called an “A” in 9th grade typing and spell check. Or I am one of those people who do things better while drunk.

  3. Oh, and as to the flirting. I’m woefully inadequate to that challenge in my advanced age. I find I get bad results when I try so I am off it for sure.

    It was fun though to watch all these sophisticated women in fancy dresses descend on a bunch of men dressed in work clothes and boots and who were all sweaty and outdoorsy from working all day.

    That wasn’t us though. There was a Sanitation Workers conference in the hotel too.

  4. I emailed drunk once and the friend I emailed has never stopped teasing me about how I sent it without using spell-check! I rarely drink though so I have never posted that way. Does posting under the influence of Ambien count?

  5. BetteJo, my sister used to use Ambien, until soon after her TIA. Did the Ambien cause it? We’ll never know, for sure, but it sure did mess with her cognitive abilities.

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