“It’s All About Freedom”


Today was a better day than yesterday. Still gloomy for me, but with the clouds clearing out and a fresh breeze moving in.  Yeah, yeah, that’s bad (very bad) writing, but hey, bad writing is what I do and you haven’t  stopped coming around yet.

Rumor is I am heading back a day earlier next week so I will have a day or two at home before I head off to Colorado.  It will be nice to get some good food and lovin’ from loving wife and relax in my own bed,  let me tell ya.

Not much to say.  I passed by the Tea Party protest in town today while I was on my lunch break.  As I passed by I gave them the thumbs-up and smiled so I guess I did my little part in this treason the left (and the media) called patriotic dissent when they were doing it.

They were all good people – stay at home moms and their children, college kids, working men and women, retirees   –  you know, “mortgage paying on time” types.  All in a good mood but resolute in their opposition to increased taxes and astronomical government spending on unnecessary and unproven socialist programs.

One guy stood out though.  A tall young man in his twenties dressed in a drab green army surplus coat with peace symbols and other hippie accoutrements on it, a beret, several piercings, and a cape made from a flag with some a picture of someone that looked like Bob Marley on it.  He was carrying a sign that had “Smoke Weed”  printed on it and being the friendly guy I am I just had to say hello to him.  He said hi back and I laughed and said, “There always has to be one stand-out in a group,” to which he responded very seriously, “Man, it’s all about freedom.”  I smiled and looked around at the crowd and said, “Damn right it is” as I walked off feeling oh so good in the cool crisp air.

It’s funny.   I would bet a week’s salary that that young man probably disagrees with pretty much every thing the “conservative” people at that protest believe, but despite those differences it was obvious he felt right at home with them.  Welcome even.  No one was bothering him.  No one was calling him names. No one was pushing him out because he wasn’t sticking to the message. In fact, people were laughing and talking with him like he was one of their own.

Which he was.  Because he was an American exercising his most important civil right along with thousands of other Americans.

Damn, this is a great country, ain’t it?


If you search for Tea Party Protests in the blog search area of Google you will find plenty of information and pictures on them.  There were thousands of Americans in hundreds of towns throughout the USA that were participating.  And there are pictures to prove it if you look for them at blogs and not the MSM sites (who refuse to cover them and when they do cover them do it is despicable ways.).   As far as I know there is nothing on this scale that liberals have done since the Vietnam War.   Yeah, Code Pink, the communist group ANSWER, Moveon.org, and other leftist groups get small crowds now and again by in-depth and coordinated organizing, but the Tea Parties are all grass-roots and without the backing of any big conservative group, save the infamous Fox News and conservative radio hosts who advertise their activities, not organize them, despite what liberal talking heads claim.

This is a big deal.  And it’s getting bigger.  So the politicians on both sides of the aisle better start paying attention.



  1. Did you see Madame Defarge there ?

    You said …
    Which he was. Because he was an American exercising his most important civil right along with thousands of other Americans.

    Damn, this is a great country, ain’t it?

    I seem to remember you singing a different tune when the war protestors were out in force.
    What … they did not have the same civil right ?

  2. Nope, Ed, same tune, only a different verse. The leftist protesters were attacking our country, not the tax system and overspending. Other than saying Barry is moving us to a socialist nation and making some humorous jokes about him and the Dem leaders, there is nothing being said or done that comes close to the despicable things leftist protesters said about Bush or Cheney or even the military members who fight our wars. And they were in no way inclusive of anyone who did not follow the party line. They still aren’t and never will be.

    These Tea Party protesters accept anyone – left, right, in-between – who agree with them that we should not bankrupt our nation for the next several generations, etc. The left would never do that.

    And I never said they didn’t have the right to protest. If you can find that I ever wrote that point it out to me. It’s the words and methods they use that I object to.

    Not that I expect you to see the difference.

  3. I should also point out that what was once “patriotic dissent” on the part of the left is now treason when the right does it. You should look to your own kind, Ed, when you wonder why it was okay for them to protest but now it’s not for people like me.

  4. Omg I have never seen such biased coverage, what there was of it anyway. The MSM were dismissive and downright insulting in some cases. And they call themselves reporters? Journalists? I think not! They could only blame Fox news and Rush Limbaugh because they couldn’t believe regular Joe conservatives could come up with an idea like that and follow through with such great participation. That’s fine. Let them doubt us. There is enough anger and enough passion out there to keep this movement going. Thank God.

  5. I have no problem with public protests … and don’t care who they are.
    Anyone has the right to protest !!!

    So you deny having made derogatory comments concerning the war protestors ?
    You don’t think they had the right to criticize then President Cheney ?

  6. I don’t deny making derogatory comments about anti-American protesters. In fact I can’t think of enough derogatory things to say about Moveon.org, ANSWER, Code Pink, etc. who hate America and take every opportunity to bash her.

    These Tea Party protesters are protesting in a whole different way and only a blind person or a liberal could fail to see the difference.

    Regardless of that though, I do deny ever saying they did not have the right to protest which is what you claimed when you said I was “singing a different tune” concerning their protests against the war.

    There is a difference.

    And since I never said they have a right to protest obviously I never said they could not protest against Cheney.

  7. So what do you think about this protestor Anyone worried about the future of the United States should shudder at what he is saying. And he was at one of the tea partys yesterday.

  8. A few people talking secession don’t make me shudder. A president and a congress actively taking us to socialism does.

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