The President Of The United States Of America Bowed To A Foreign Leader

I know I put this in another post but it is worth mentioning again.

Un-fricken-believable. He did not nod. He did not give a small shoulder bow of respect like he did to the Queen of our oldest ally, Great Britain.* To her he gave an iPod.  No, he bowed with a capital B to the Saudi King.

I need a Pepto bad.

Oh, the prostration of our President to the Saudi King is at the 0.54 point in the video if you are interested in seeing it.

Just eat something first to settle your stomach.


*In the comments, English Guy says Barry gave a slight bow to The Queen.  I actually figured he did and it was appropriate.  She’s the Queen of England, etc., etc. after all.  She deserves it out of respect for our long shared history.  But this prostration, which is what it was, to the Saudi King is simply unforgivable.  There IS a difference.


Is this Barry’s version of Carter’s infamous kiss?



  1. He gave a slight bow when greeting the Queen. I think he got the protocol the wrong way around. Thank the Lord that the French and Germans govts stopped another splurg of cash (which we don’t have) on another stimulus!

  2. Um, he was the only one I saw bowing to the guy! What the hell?!?! He is determined to humble the U.S. and therefore weakening us – in the eyes of every country out there. He needs to quit. Presidents can resign – people will forgive him if he admits it’s just too hard for him. Forgive and kick him in the ass on the way out!

  3. My Star-Spangled heart just broke in two.

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