The Royal Family Of The United States?

Pardon me while I go puke. Are they serious?  Unfortunately, they are.


Does anyone take the liberal MSM seriously any more? Katie Couric is a joke. A joke that used to look quite hot in a “cheerleader under the football stands” kind of way, but who now looks like one side of her mouth is suffering from a stroke.

As an aside, and with the full understanding that I am one ugly guy, I just have to say that I think Michelle Obama is not even remotely attractive. Not at all.  In fact, she is actually quite scary-looking.  Every time I see her I think of a Black Widow spider, a thought that has nothing to do with her being black, but everything to do with this butt-ugly dress.

You could put Halle Berry in this dress and I would run away.  I hate spiders that much.


Honestly I would rather do the Queen.

Especially the Queen as played by Helen Mirren.


Yeah, that’s a Queen worth hitting.  I’d be showing her my Royal Scepter let me tell ya.


Oh no, he didn’t.  Did the President of the United States of America really bow to a foreign leader?  Not just nod his head, but damn near bend down and kiss his ring?  And the King of Saudi Arabia at that?

Why, yes, he did.


I swear I fell asleep January 19th and woke up on Planet Bizzaro the next day.

He actually BOWED to a foreign leader.  Can you imagine how loud these Sheik guys laughed about this?  Do you think he planned it?  Thought it out with his protocol people?  Or did he just giggle like a little school girl and curtsy in the presence of real adults.


What next, we dip our flag to them in tribute?

God help us.

I am so fricken embarrassed that this guy is our president. Is this how liberals felt about Bush all these years? How did they stand it? It’s like having vomit stuck half-way up your throat all day long.

How long do we have to go before he is tossed out?



  1. […] know I put this in another post but it is worth mentioning […]

  2. This has gotten to the point of being funny, it’s a very sad kind of funny, but funny. If the actions of this administration didn’t portray us all as idiots it would be even funnier.

  3. 16 years of this is what we will have. get ready, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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