This Is Why I Don’t Go See Groups I Rocked To When I Was Young

Not because they aren’t still worth listening to.  Because they mostly are.  Steely Dan, a group I partied to many a night, still sounds good after all these years (even if his voice is weak – but then again they were mainly a studio band so it probably always was weak and I just didn’t know), so it’s not them that makes me not want to go.

No, what keeps me from going is the knowledge that I would look as foolish trying to rock it out at my age as these old-timers do in this video.

Dignity. If you don’t have any at least fake it in public.

Hat-tip to Land of Punt, which is a quite good blog by the way.



  1. The most foolish looking are the old-timers in the audience. They’ve all taken a nap so they can stay up past 10, they’ve shared a beer with their significant other so they have a little buzz and they have on their best and only party outfit. You know that somewhere all of them have a child who is burying their head in embarrassment.

  2. Yeah…you know, I saw Page and Plant in 1998, and it just, you know, wasn’t like “The Song Remains The Same.” Page had a gut and Plant…well, he sure wasn’t showing off his man berries in tight jeans.

  3. Who is Steely Dan?

  4. Wow, yall are rough. HA

    Love me some SD.

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