Moving Towards Socialism #4


Just change Hillarycare to Barrycare.

Let’s have some government health care shall we?

Pres. Barack Obama has promised, repeatedly, that Americans who are satisfied with the health insurance they have today can keep it, even if Congress passes the sweeping reform program he favors.

But is it true?

In May 2007, then-candidate Obama issued a plan to change the way working age Americans get their health insurance. He claimed his approach would “build on” the employer-based system, but a more careful examination reveals it would actually be the demise of job-based coverage.

Under the Obama plan, employers would have a “pay or play” choice. They could either provide coverage directly to their workers (“play”), or they could pay a tax to the federal government to partially finance the coverage offered through a new “national exchange.” Workers getting insurance through the exchange would also have a choice. They could either select a private insurance offering — or enroll in a new government-run plan.

But the new, government-run insurance plan wouldn’t be just another offering. No, it would be a “game changer” in every sense. Why? Because the government can present the fees it will pay for medical services on a take or leave it basis — and doctors and hospitals have little choice but to take it, lest they get shut out of the market completely. Private insurers, on the other hand, must negotiate contracts with their networks of service suppliers. Consequently, government-run insurance almost always charges artificially low premiums based on price and other cost controls that are rightly not part of a truly private-sector marketplace.

The implications of all this certainly hasn’t been lost on single-payer advocates. They see the government-run option as a way to achieve their long-standing goal — through the backdoor.

So as bad as you think your current health care is – Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Aetna or whatever – it could change to government health care in the blink of an eye and you wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

Feeling all hopey-changey as I am?  How about you guys and gals who voted for him because he promised that he you could keep the health care coverage you have now?  Hows the bottom of that bus looking?   Crowded I bet what with all those people who were promised the following and yet have seen those promises tossed under that bus along with their expectations.

– End Dont’ Ask,  Dont Tell.

– Legalize pot.  (Granted, I don’t think he actually promised this, but they were so stoned they thought he did.)

– Bring home the troops.

– Close Gitmo right away.

– Get rid of the Patriot Act and all those horrible tools that evil Bush thought up and which have protected us for eight years.

– Throw lobbyists out of government.

– A middle-class tax cut.

– An ethical Administration.

And don’t worry, there are more to come.



  1. If you like the DMV you’re going to LOVE national healthcare

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