Kids Say The Darndest Things


This is a true story* told to loving wife by her BFF this evening.  The BFF being a second grade teacher who also happens to be a brunette.

A second grade teacher had recently discovered that the mothers of three children in her class were pregnant so she decided to ask the kids when they were going to be born.

The teacher asked the first little girl, Sally, and she replied, “My baby brother is coming in seven days.”   The teacher said, ” Oh, that’s wonderful Sally” and she clapped along with everyone in the class

Then the teacher asked the second girl when her new baby was arriving and the girl said, “My baby sister is coming next month.”  The teacher replied, “That’s fantastic, Cindy”  and all the class clapped again.

Finally, the teacher turned to the last child, a boy named Billy, and asked him when his baby was coming.  “My baby brother is coming in June,”  he said with a big smile on his face, “but we won’t know if he is  the chat-room man’s baby or my Daddy’s baby until then.”

Names are made up and I added some stuff, but the punchline is really what the kid said. And, yeah I know it seems like there should be something else past the “chat-room man’s baby” but who do you think I am, Bob Hope?


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  1. Oh Lord! I can just imagine how the teacher reacted – ..uh .. okay then!!

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