Doctor-Patient Humor


So, I am at my doctors today for a follow-up on my shoulder which is still aching badly despite four weeks of physical therapy. And after the consult the doctor says he is going to give me a cortisone shot and some new meds since the anti-inflammatory I am using is not working.

I ask what it is and he says “Celebrex” while he is writing the script.   I wait a moment and then say, “But Doc, my wife and I have a great sex life and I don’t really think I need Cialis.”   He looks up, blinks and stutters, “No no no, I didn’t mean . . . ” when I burst out laughing and say, “Got cha, Doc.”

I slay me. Bob Hope.

Of course, after that he did stick that needle in my shoulder awfully hard.

Some folks have no sense of humor.

BTW,  there is no way House would ever make it as a doctor in the real world.  His patients and/or their families would have beaten him to death with his cane while his co-workers cheered them on.   This observation has nothing to do with my doctor who is both top-notch and friendly. I’m just saying I would beat House silly if I had the chance.



  1. I LOVE to watch House!!

  2. I like my doctor. Every time I go in he has another “why my wife thinks I’m an asshole” story to tell me.

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