It’s Perfectly Clear


Us Americans like our sex and foul language in the bedroom, not the movie theater, thank you very much.

Once again, Movieguide® Magazine’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry shows that moviegoers prefer movies with no explicit sex, nudity and foul language. This was especially clear in 2008. Movies with no foul language, sex and nudity averaged significantly more money at the theatrical box office in America and Canada than movies with some or a lot of such vulgarity, sex or nudity.

Americans also like patriotic movies that show America – and especially its military – in a good light, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from continuing to make self-serving, troop-disparaging, America-hating crap, despite the fact that no one goes to see them and they keep losing money.  So it will be interesting to see how things change, or don’t, as more and more Americans decide to stay home instead of spending their hard-earned (and easily taken away by the government) dollars.

As an aside, my son’s are all up on this Red Box thing. You know, the movie-vending machines at McDonald’s restaurants? I always thought they were a fad and destined to failure, but evidently they are big with the college crowd. A movie for a buck (and another buck if you turn it in late) is cheaper than renting one from a video store and faster than Netflix. I’m surprised colleges don’t have them installed on campus so they can get a cut of the profits.

Just another example of how going to the movies is being redefined. Hollywood should learn from this. But they won’t.


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