The Eight Tools


That will change a man’s life.

If you’re tired of coming up short as a man, father, husband or leader, these eight BetterMen Tools will help you to change your relationships and your life.

The fixes may not happen overnight. Embrace these tools and get the support you need to bring them to your relationships. With commitment, hard work and the courage to change, you’ll be amazed at the man you’ve become.

So here are the eight BetterMen Tools in a nutshell. Can you see the art to your better manliness in these descriptions?

The eight rules are listed with long descriptions here, but I have to say that they look like they were written by a woman. At least these five anyway.

Tool #1: Silence The Little Boy
Tool #2: Express But Don’t Defend Your Feelings
Tool #4: Run The Sex And Romance Departments
Tool #6: Don’t Argue
Tool #7: Listen

The rules are about your relationship with your woman, of course.  The assumption being that if you have a good relationship with her you will be a better man for it.  Or something like that.

I’m not saying they don’t work. They may, indeed.  I’m just saying they appear to have men boxed into never having any fun (act your age), never defending themselves (sit down and shut-up), taking total responsibility for sex and romance (she is never gonna initiate sex so get past it already), never arguing (obvious) and listening (again sit down and shut-up).

One last thing. The post doesn’t say what N.U.T.s*  stands for, but I assume it means your manhood in some figurative way.

Or not.  Frankly, I don’t care enough to find out.  It was just a way to post that neat photo.


The author of the book, Wayne Levine, graciously educates me on the book in the comments. Hopefully, he took a look around my blog and realized I was not being serious and is therefore not on his way over here to kick my butt.  So, my smart ass post aside, link on over to his site and check his ideas out. You never know, they may work. 

Me, I am gonna go hit my wife with my club and drag her back into the cave to cook me a steak.



  1. This book was definitely not written by a woman. I’m all man. Your take on the book’s message couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll be happy to send you a copy so you can discover it for yourself. N.U.T.s, stands for non-negotiable, unalterable terms. Visit and you’ll get a better sense of the work we do to help men be better and happier men, dads, and husbands. And believe me, having fun as men is at the core of what we do. Join us at one of our BetterMen retreats and you’ll learn a bit about the errors of first impressions. Send me a note with your address and I’ll happily send the book…if you care enough to find out!

    Wayne Levine

  2. Wayne,

    Thank you for your offer. Hopefully, you understand my post was meant in humor and not a real review of your book or the ideas behind it. You can rest assured my few readers know that as they never take anything I say seriously.

    Good luck,


  3. Hmmm… trying to picture TRO at a BetterMan Retreat.

    That is gonna keep me smilin’ all damn day long.

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