My Grandniece


Realizing even at this early age the importance of gaining the favor of her famous Granduncle TRO and in doing so insuring only flattering photos of her will ever be posted on his blog, blows him a kiss.



  1. “Gimme a kiss.”

  2. ugh-the little nose…those sleepy time eyes…

    babies let you know that there truly is a God in heaven.

  3. Welcome to the world, comrade !!!

  4. That’s why us normal folks allow them to grow up even when they’re screaming and pooping and spitting up – they’re just so dang cute!

  5. I always get a kick out of you using “comrade,” Ed. I don’t know what is worse – that you don’t see Barry and the Dems are trying to take us that way, or that you see it and don’t care.

  6. I’m still trying to figure out all the fuss over the teleprompter.

  7. Well, I can’t help someone who is willfully blind. No one can. Frankly, I really cannot imagine what goes through your mind when you read the things he and the Dems are trying to do to this country. Are doing to it. Maybe you agree with it. Maybe you are ignorant of it. Or maybe you just don’t care.

    All three options sadden me though.

    The upside though is that a lot of people who voted for this guy ARE questioning what he is doing and ARE realizing their mistake. I only hope there is still time.

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