Every Guy Should Be So Lucky


Living with a sexsomniac.

A medical condition means she can’t help pestering them for sex from bedtime till dawn. But she’s ASLEEP all the time—and never remembers a thing in the morning.

And, far from counting their lucky stars, the exhausted lads all do a runnner because they can’t keep up with her dozing desires.

Medical condition sexsomnia makes Haley Batty demand sex while she’s asleep

Haley’s been dumped by a string of men who got the hump when they asked “Was it good for you, too?” only to get the response: “Eh?” because she’d been unconscious all night.

She sighs: “I can have sex three or four times a night if the guys have the stamina, but in the morning I won’t know anything about it.

“My last boyfriend went along with it the first couple of times, but then he said it just felt peculiar being groped by someone who was asleep and dumped me.” She says her behaviour is a recognised medical condition. “I discovered the name for it, sexsomnia. It’s like a form of sleepwalking, only you don’t sleepwalk, you have sex.”

That’s Haley Batty, not Halle Barry, guys. Sorry to disappoint.

Still, Haley isn’t bad herself so link on over and watch the video of her explaining her condition if you’re so inclined.

Interestingly enough, if you Google sexsomnia you get all sorts of hits, so I guess it is a real condition. And I suppose that it would be quite tiring and stressful if you had to deal with it every night. Still, a long-distance relationship with this gal might be fun and certainly worth a couple weeks vacation time.

Women, I’m sure, wouldn’t feel the same way if their guy suffered from this, but then women and men are different, aren’t they.

(Oh, and ala Barry apologizing for his “joke” about the Special Olympics, I apologize if my lighthearted take on this condition offended anyone.  Sexsomniacs are productive members of society and must be treated with respect. There all forgiven now.)


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