Oh, No, Nothing Could Go Wrong Here


A massive pillow fight in Nashville.

Does the idea of beating up total strangers get you going? This weekend, if you’ve got nothing better to do (and maybe even if you DO have something better to do), head over to Centennial Park, where – at latest superofficialFacebookcount – almost 800 people have RSVPed to beat each other silly… With pillows. We missed the first giant pillow fight last September, but from the looks of the videos and photos, it was pretty intense.

Pillow fighting is a young person’s game, and I’m pretty sure no one wants a guy my age popping them in the head with a Tempur-Pedic pillow. Besides, many of them probably voted for Barry and I’m not sure my anger would keep me from doing some real damage while I screamed, “Feeling all hopey-changey are you?”

Here’s the Facebook event if you’re interested though.



  1. Dude, let go of the anger !

  2. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, a liberal advising someone to “let go the anger.” Liberals wouldn’t exist without anger. You slay me, Ed. You really do.

  3. “Why are there feathers in my hair?”

    TRO-you will not know where that quote is from… and it would probably piss you off when you do find out where it is from… but I bet a few more of your lady readers know.

    The pillow fight brought it to mind… so it is your fault.

  4. I used to read about block parties. And people used to get together in someone’s back yard to barbecue. Or pile into two or three cars with a bunch of food, some blankets, and maybe frisbees or footballs, or something, and have a picnic.

    And now, thanks to a “social networking” site, we have giant pillow fights–??? Sounds like a 70s-style exercise to exorcise some anger.

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