Shep Smith Slams Barry And The Dems

Over AIG and all the rest.

Hat-tip to American Digest.

Oh and speaking of the Dems. We have millions of Americans out of work and Nancy Pelosi calls enforcement of our immigration laws “un-American?” I guess millions of illegal immigrants sneaking-in and taking jobs Americans need is okay with her.

Hey, all you unemployed and almost unemployed Obama voters, how’s that whole Hopey-Changey thing working out for you?



  1. Way to go Shep. Of course, you will never see this on ABC, NBC or any of the other MSM outlets.

    pelosi has absolutely no clue. She needs to walk a mile in the shoes of an average American.

  2. Oh I LOVE Shepherd Smith now! I mean, I LOVE it when somebody lets loose like that! And he was SO right!

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