This Time It’s Personal


Add AIG to the long list of things Barry has screwed-up.

Obama and his team knew about the AIG bonus issue for quite some time. They had already concluded there was nothing to be done without causing greater risk. Now the very people AIG claims it needs to sort out the mess and prevent further economic damage are resigning, or just not showing up due to death threats and whatever else.

Two months in and Obama has helped tank the stock market with pessimism only to help him pass a political agenda in the form of a stimulus package. His latest blurt seems to have been counter-productive to his stated economic goals. But hopefully Obama feels better for having gotten his rage on.

Seriously, this guy is a total incompetent. He has absolutely no fricken clue what he is doing and neither do the people working for him. If his evil plan was to bring the world economy down in a total shambles he would no doubt be the most brilliant super-villain since Dr. Evil.  As it is, he’s making Jimmy Carter look good. And that’s something.

BTW, it’s personal because I have a substantial amount of life insurance with AIG.  If it fails I won’t lose any money but I would have to get new insurance on me, loving wife, and my boys at a higher rate. So, yeah, Barry, do me a favor and quit opening your mouth and setting fire to the world, okay?



  1. The agenda of these days and weeks is to keep mentioning that Barry inherited this mess and has already taken incredible steps toward fixing it. I’m convinced the denial is even deeper than the arrogance.

  2. You’re right Vicki. I keep going back and forth though on an issue. Some days I think this administration and obama in particular are totally incompetent and other days I think he is actually trying to kill America.

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