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I’ve found that I have been working my way to shorter and shorter posts since I started blogging in late 2004, and I think Twitter may just be the logical end to this wisping away of my thought process. If you had read my earlier blogs you would know that I used to give a lot of thought and effort to my posts. Not that they were particularly original or interesting, but they were certainly substantive, and sometimes even “grab you a Snickers Bar” time-consuming.

Now, not so much.

I find I don’t have that much to say on subjects any more. Especially politics. It’s all been said. For example,  Barry is a socialist and, if he has his way he will turn this nation into a mostly dependent class who can’t make a decision on their own and need everyone else to do things for them.  Like New Orleans ala Katrina. That sums up his presidency so far and no doubt in the future so is there really anything else to say?


But I am getting off point.

My posts are getting smaller. More photos. More videos. And more bad one-liners. Which is fine for me, but I don’t know what good it does my readers.

You all have to be bored to tears.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not quitting. Been there, done that, got the fricken “I Quit Blogging” t-shirt twice now. I just see that my blogging needs are evolving to a more succinct form of communication. And Twitter seems to be that form.

The only problem with Twitter is that I don’t see a lot of people reading my stuff. I see other Twitter-people with thousands of followers and I have about six or seven. Maybe that will come. I mean they must have started off with six or seven too. And to be honest I don’t have more than six or seven loyal readers here. It’s just that here I can look at my stats on my sidebar and see that 225,000 plus count and delude myself that all those people are reading me regularly.

See a blog is out there.  Always.  And people are reading it, even if they are just linking to Carla Gugino 70,000 times.

That doesn’t happen on Twitter.  You are writing for your followers and if no one is following does that mean you are writing at all?

Existential bull crap, of course, but I am in that kind of mood today.

But followers are an interesting concept I think.  Someone emailed me asking my why I was Twittering and not Facebooking and that generated a “tweet” that said, “Twitter is better than Facebook. On FB you collect friends. Here you gather followers which helps satisfy my secret power complex.”

So maybe that’s why I want to Twitter. I am in charge of my followers. They see my tweets without even having to visit my blog.  I’m like Barry’s teleprompter.  In control.

Anyway, I plan on blogging and Twittering at the same time so I guess I want my few readers to check out my twitter page occasionally since it may lend a more intimate view of my mind than my blog does.

Boring or scary as that may be.

Besides, maybe one of my tweets will live on forever.

You never know.



  1. sigh…

  2. I asked my husband, this morning, what he thinks of Twitter, and he sorta snickered. Then, poker-faced, he turned toward me (despite that he was driving) and said, “We’re on the way to church, now.”

    “Oh, look–pretty yellow flowers at the side of the road.”

    Those are pretty representative of most of the tweets I’ve seen. I don’t get the point. Even on FB, I can’t check in without being prompted to finish this sentence: “Vicki is….” “Vicki is looking at the stupid computer screen, moron!” But, then, she asks herself, who is the real moron? She has met the enemy….

    Happy twittering.

  3. Your twit link be broke.

  4. Fixed.

  5. I don’t get Twitter. I mean I just don’t understand what it is and how – if at all – it will improve my knowledge-gathering experience. I stopped reading LGF comments (and blogs like them) because all it was was 8 thousand comments of 3 word or less – most of which only meant something to the ding-a-ling who posted it. Twitter looks like GIGO to me.

    Maybe you can explain it.

  6. I don’t know Twitter lingo…but I would like to be your “follower”….how do I find you?

    I looked at Twitter and I wasn’t impressed….maybe when you get acquainted with it, you can give me some pointers.

  7. Twitter, like me, isn’t much to look at at the beginning, but then it grows on you. Like a fungus.

    All you do is sign up and then do a search for me. I think you can find me by searching Reluctant Optimist, but I am not sure. If you join just let me know and I am sure we can figure something out.

  8. Traffic Cop Timmy,

    I am not sure I can explain it to you. I find it challenging to write something funny in a few words. I’m not sure it is funny to anyone but me, but I like the effort. I also like it as an addition to my blog. I want to write down things that are way to uninteresting and short for a blog post – random thoughts I guess – but that I want to record. Again, maybe not any interest to anyone but me.

    I do think I will be shortchanging myself by not adding comments during the day though since I don’t text and that is what it is for I think – adding stuff you see and experience during the day. I guess I can swoop into stores and businesses during the day and ask them if I can borrow their computer for a quick tweet, but I risk arrest.

    Oh well.

  9. Stick to the blog … your rambling eventually finds a point.

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