It’s Obama Time (Can’t Touch This)


1. Fifty-two mistakes in fifty-two days. I don’t think Bush made that many in eight years. There are 1409 days left by the way.

2. Obama wants to farm wounded-vet care to HMOs. I thought the cure for our health care woes was socializing it? Make up your mind Barry. Democrats – always showing the love for the military.

3. The economy is not as bad as we think. Huh? Yesterday it was the crisis to end all crises.  Now we shouldn’t worry about it. At least not enough to stop Barry from raising taxes and socializing medicine. Does this fool really think we are this stupid? Well, 54% of the country is I suppose.

4. “Obama is not Jesus. Jesus could actually build a cabinet.”

5. A deception revealed.

Well, the only other explanation is that they don’t know what they hell they are doing. Both are scary as hell.

Hat-tip for the picture and some of the links to Maggie’s Farm.



  1. Poppycock !!!

  2. Well said, bravo. That’s as good a defense of Obama as I have heard to date.

  3. Scary, but I could believe BO doing this. He has bullshitted and decieved us (US citizens) since the first. I believe he has no conscience. He is capable of anything to reach his wants and I would not doubt if that was to be pres of everything. I feel he is a consummate liar. Deep down I feel this and saw this throughout his speeches. He is doing the same thing in the White house.

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