Time, Distance, Shielding – Three Things That Protect You From Radiation And Women With PMS


June is having a bad day and while I am very, extremely, ” jumping up and down screaming like I won a gazillion dollars happy” that I live about 1000 miles from her, I thought I would post this to cheer her up.

Floyd tried to brown nose her make her feel better with beer, chocolate, naked men, and salt (wtf jimmy?), but my superior knowledge of women tells me this is what she really needed.

Or not.

Either way I am still 1000 miles away from her and safe.  Yep, that’s right, it’s all about me.



  1. What did I say?

  2. Salt? For MORE water retention???

  3. wow… a baby post and a sweet comic. Is this really you TRO? I am suspicious.

  4. oh… and you won.

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